Welcome to the La Center School District online payment portal!


FOR PARENTS:    IMPORTANT ---you must use your SKYWARD User Name on this system for payments to credit to your student's account  DO NOT CREATE A GUEST ACCOUNT.

First Time Users:  You will need your Skyward User Name or email address associated with your Skyward account.  If you do not have this information, please contact your student's school office. 

            Click here to set your password

Returning Users:    User name:  Skyward Username

                                           Password:  Password created during first visit  Remember passwords are case sensitive. 

Forgot your password?  CLICK HERE to have a password reset link sent to your email address associated with your Skyward Account.  Resetting your password on the payment system DOES NOT reset your Skyward Account password.

FOR STAFF:  IMPORTANT -- DO NOT CREATE AN ACCOUNT-- TO ADD MONEY TO YOUR FOOD SERVICES ACCOUNT, contact the district office or food services for your username and password.  Click this link for instructions to make a food service purchase.  (Under staff Resources on Website)




IMPORTANT -- PARENTS - DO NOT CREATE A GUEST ACCOUNT if a payment needs to be credited to a specific student.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A STUDENT  in the La Student School District use the following link to create a guest account

TO MAKE A FOOD SERVICE DONATION- click this link for instructions

Once Signed In: Click on your student's name. If the student has outstanding fines or fees, a message will appear in a red box.

To pay a fine or fee: Click on 'View' in the red box or click on the 'Pay Fines/Fees' button under Shop. When you're on the fines/fees page, you can view the details and then pay by placing a checkmark in the Pay box and then click the 'Pay Selected Fines/Fees' button to add it to your shopping cart. 


To Make a Purchase: Click on the button 'Items At Student's School'. Open the applicable category. Select the item(s). Click on the Cart to complete your purchase.

Food service payments will be credited to your student's account within 24 hours. If a payment is made over the weekend, it will be credited the following Monday.